Dream Machine Talent Agency

Dream Machine Entertainment’s in-house talent agency has the best network of private event DJs in the nation.

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Local DJs

Dream Machine Local DJs are the best in their fields in their respective cities, from hip wedding DJs who keep all generations involved to nightclub resident DJs that are rocking from Miami Beach to Los Angeles.


National DJs

Dream Machine National DJs are some of the most in demand and versatile DJs in the business. Our national DJs regularly play events for leading nightclubs such as LIV, 1OAK, and Basement and for brands such as the NFL, HBO, Microsoft, Don Julio, and more.  


Celebrity DJs

Dream Machine Celebrity DJs are unique for their celebrity profiles and elite clientele. One is a celebrity tech investor, another the drummer of a famous indie rock band. A-list weddings, Hollywood premiers, and TV appearances  are just another day at work for our Dream Machine Celebrity DJs. They have been featured in the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Interview, and The New York Times.